Allworx Announces Reach Update on Apple App Store

Allworx users have an update available on the App Store. According to the announcement:

On June 15, 2018, a new version of Allworx Reach became available on the Apple App Store – it includes a new version number (4.2), and a new name (Allworx Classic Reach). It is compatible with all versions of Allworx System Software from 7.5 through 8.4. For Reach to be compatible with pre-8.3 servers, it uses interfaces that Apple is de-supporting for the future. Therefore, Allworx will not be able to provide updates to Allworx Classic Reach beyond version 4.2.

Coming soon: On June 21, 2018, a new Reach app (Allworx Reach 5.0) will be available on the Apple App Store. Reach 5.0 will use the latest tool kit provided by Apple. The tool kit will allow us to introduce exciting new features in the future! Reach 5.0 will require Allworx System Software 8.3 or higher.

Whether you install Allworx Classic Reach 4.2 or Allworx Reach 5.0, the app will automatically detect which version will work best with your Allworx server, guide you to the app store to install the appropriate version, and transfer your settings from one to the other.

If anyone has any question regarding eligibility, please call us at (866) 533-3331.