Allworx Announces Reach Update on Apple App Store

Allworx users have an update available on the App Store. According to the announcement:

On June 15, 2018, a new version of Allworx Reach became available on the Apple App Store – it includes a new version number (4.2), and a new name (Allworx Classic Reach). It is compatible with all versions of Allworx System Software from 7.5 through 8.4. For Reach to be compatible with pre-8.3 servers, it uses interfaces that Apple is de-supporting for the future. Therefore, Allworx will not be able to provide updates to Allworx Classic Reach beyond version 4.2.

Coming soon: On June 21, 2018, a new Reach app (Allworx Reach 5.0) will be available on the Apple App Store. Reach 5.0 will use the latest tool kit provided by Apple. The tool kit will allow us to introduce exciting new features in the future! Reach 5.0 will require Allworx System Software 8.3 or higher.

Whether you install Allworx Classic Reach 4.2 or Allworx Reach 5.0, the app will automatically detect which version will work best with your Allworx server, guide you to the app store to install the appropriate version, and transfer your settings from one to the other.

If anyone has any question regarding eligibility, please call us at (866) 533-3331.

How Does Your Company Service Its Phone System?

In recent years, the average company in the United States has been able to significantly upgrade the quality of their in-house IT personnel. Coincidentally, since the economic crises of 2008, increased productivity demands see IT departments being asked to do more with less than ever before. However, despite these parallel improvements, there comes a point where personnel and budgetary restrictions prevent IT departments from taking on more responsibility for fear of endangering the company’s IT infrastructure. What is a CIO supposed to do? Are there areas where cost-effective supplemental skill positions can be handled differently?

Let’s use a company’s telephone solution as an example. What are the most effective angles to take to get the best cost/benefit?

Get an Experienced Professional Service Provider

Depending on how fast your company is growing, you might not need full blown, full-time internal support for your phone system. Unless there is constant change with personnel or the facilities, it might be more economical to use an MSP (managed service provider) with experience installing systems for a companies similar to yours. Some MSPs or VARs offer additional support options post-install that can tweak the system as needed and ensure any system updates are done in a timely manner. By choosing a seasoned company, you minimize the need for expensive in-house staff that will demand benefits, might need additional training and will lean towards being generalists rather than experts in one area. Note that when we talk about these types of services providers, we aren’t speaking about one of the phone companies “expert installers”.

The downside for these kinds of service providers is vetting them for quality of service. Recommendations from a VAR’s current and former clients can be useful but can be very subjective. You may only hear from long-time satisfied customers whose infrastructure doesn’t look anything like yours. A dissatisfied client might make a lot of noise but have little in common with your company as well. Review sites make this even harder because of bogus reviews or lack of reviews altogether. In the end, you have to make the best judgement based on the information you have. Not very comforting.

In-house Option

If your company has sufficient financial resources, hiring or contracting additional staff to handle telephone systems is an option. The first consideration will be whether or not this is a dedicated position or a staff member that will handle multiple systems with the telephone system being a part of a bigger workload. It is safe to say that unless the company is fairly large and the phone system very complex, the new staff member will perform multiple functions with the phone system being one part.

Question 2: will the staff be temporary, part-time or full-time perm? Is this new hire worth the benefits and on-boarding costs that the company and department will incur?

Screening applicants for these positions can be difficult in certain parts of the country away from larger metropolitan areas. This can add up to stiff relocation packages, paid training programs and more to get a qualiied staff member. There is no hard and fast rule here. The main thing to be aware of is balancing IT staff budget and telephone system performance requirements. If you company really relies on a high performing telephone system, trying to get by with a short staff is not an option.

Use Both Where Appropriate

With planning, companies can utilize in-house staff to be primary points of contact for outside resources. At that point you are getting the most value out of in-house staff while having access to experienced professional IT pros. The internal contact acts more as a knowledgeable project manager who can maintain a system once the more detailed, technical parts of the project are completed.

At CTD, our customers have the option of working the way they want. Whether you choose in-house or VAR models or a combination to create your ideal communications system, CTD can help guide and support projects. Our in-house support staff, in particular, can be a huge differentiating factor for your business. We have expert installation and troubleshooting support just a phone call away to resolve the toughest issues.

Take a minute to contact CTD or call one of our sales professionals and find out how Computer Telephony Distributing can be a difference-maker for you.

Edgecore Networks Focuses on Data Center Products at Data Center World 2018

Edgecore Networks, the professional networking solution provider, invites you to visit our booth at L33.

Experience high-density 100G/25G deep-buffer data center switches designed to bring open network benefits to service provider aggregation networks; managed industrial PoE+/non-PoE Gigabit Ethernet switches with IP30 metal cases – ECIS4500 series, designed for harsh industrial environments and intelligent transportation systems; also, the latest generation of integrated enterprise wireless product series, including wireless controllers, indoor and outdoor enterprise access points, and hotspot gateways.

At Data Center World, Hong Kong 2018, we will be exhibiting our newest network solutions:

  • Showing the Wedge100BF-32X open network switch, which offers 32 x 100 GbE ports based on Barefoot Networks programmable Tofino switch silicon, and whose design is being contributed to OCP by Barefoot
  • Demonstrating L2+ high-performance managed switches for enterprise and campus networks, the ECS4120 Series, ideal switches for Internet Service Providers (lSPs) and Multiple System Operators (MSOs) to provide triple-play services to home users with 4 x 10G uplink bandwidth.
  • Showcasing a new series of integrated wireless solutions together with L2 and web-smart PoE switches that offer complete end-to-end wireless services for managed service providers, enterprises, small-medium businesses, and hotspots.

CTD is at Booth 821 for IT Expo 2018

Update on IT Expo 2018

IT Expo has come around again and Computer Telephony Distributing is excited to be attending for the 15th straight year. Signs point to a strong economic outlook and CTD is ready to talk to everyone about strengthening your network infrastructure and expanding your IP communications networks. We are getting fantastic pricing on products by:









One major update is a major renovation to the company’s website. CTD now offers accounts on that allows approved resellers to see exclusive pricing that will make your margins shine. Sigining up is easy and approval is quick. If you are a reseller that is looking to expand it’s purchasing options, you owe it to yourself to sign up. It addition to great pricing, you will see a hidden section of the site with closeout discounted deals as well.

CTD will be in booth 821. See the map below for the exact location.

The Newest 25GbE Data Center Switch from Edgecore Networks

The Newest 25GbE Data Center Switch from Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks AS7312-54XS a high-performance data center switch that provides 25GbE downlinks to the distribution/spine layer of the network

Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, today announce AS7312-54XS – the 25GbE high-performance Top-of-Rack (TOR) or spine data center switch, designed for high-performance computing clusters and high-frequency trading applications, as well as highly-virtualized cloud environments and network provider companies. More information.

ECIS4500 PoE+/Non-PoE Series Industrial Switches Key Features and Benefit Introduction

ECIS4500 PoE+/Non-PoE Industrial Ethernet Switches choice for Surveillance, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The Edgecore ECIS 4500 series are managed industrial Gigabit Ethernet switches for upgrading the existing Fast Ethernet network infrastructure to full Gigabit Ethernet networks provide a higher bandwidth than the legacy Fast Ethernet networks and reduces the response time for time-sensitive applications. With powerful features, the ECIS4500 series are easy to deploy and manage the network, providing reliable and quality service for growing network traffic demand.

Below is the ECIS4500 series industrial switch KEY feature and Benefit:

Industrial Hardened Design for harsh environments

  • ECSI4500 series is equipped with IP30 metal case design for industrial harsh environment conditions.
  • It comes with DIN Rail or wall mount options in plant or cabinet install space.
  • It operates at wide temperature range from -40 degree C to 75 degree C for meet demanding conditions. Cold start at – 40 degree C

Continuous Availability

  • Support fast failover protection rings (ERPS) for the network to detect and recover from incidents without impacting users, meeting the most demanding Rapid recovery time when problems do occur (<20ms).
  • Network redundant LACP, Spanning tree STP, RSTP & MSTP
  • Dual DC power Input and reverse power detection

Power over Ethernet for network device

  • ECSI4500 series feature IEEE802.3af/at to provide power to growing network device with PoE demand such as surveillance camera, IP phone and wireless AP.
  • Support PoE power scheduling for power management. User can set the time interval that the switch can supply power to PDs and power off the PDs.
  • ECIS4500-8P2T4F supports Ultra PoE (60W) for Port 1 and Port 2

ECIS4500 Series Solution, please click here

Are you selling Toshiba telecom systems today?

While the recent announcement of Toshiba’s troubles has shocked the telecom industry, it should be noted that Toshiba’s woes have not been because of difficulties in their telecom division, but to significant losses in an ill-advised venture into the nuclear industry.

The Toshiba telecom product is a solid product and has a loyal following. Unfortunately, this recent turn of events make it necessary for many resellers that are heavily invested in installing and supporting Toshiba phone systems to look to protect their customer base and add a new manufacturer to their product mix.

At CTD, we represent several top manufacturers and can help you make decisions on what product will serve your customers’ best interests going forward. Because we also carry PoE switches and peripherals, IP paging and other products that support IP PBXs, we are a one-source solution for professionals who don’t have time to juggle multiple suppliers. Call us to see how we can work together and schedule a one-on-one meeting to look at your options. From a five phone digital solution to hosted IP to 30,000 line industrial strength systems, we can help. Make our solutions your competitive advantage.

Computer Telephony Distributing Signs on as a Master Agent for Zultys to Sell the Cloud Services Solution

Sunnyvale, CA, March XX, 2016—Zultys, a leading provider of innovative unified communications solutions that empower businesses to collaborate effectively, announced today the formation of a strategic partnership with Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) as a master agent for Zultys’ Agent Channel program.

“Our experience working with CTD has been a pleasure for both sides, and we are excited to embark in another direction with CTD and their customers by offering them the power of Zultys Cloud Services,” said Justin Bush, Vice President Agent Sales at Zultys.

“As Zultys longest standing Distributor, the depth of our knowledge in sales and support is unmatched.  The fact that the Cloud Services option is exactly like the customer premise product, it gives CTD and Zultys a much stronger offering than generic hosted platforms without features,” said John Groce, Vice President of Sales at CTD.

“Our mission is to provide complete solutions and support in order to assist our resellers get on and off the install while making a profit!  The Zultys Cloud solution is an important addition to continue to assist our customers’ growth,” said George Richardson, CEO of CTD.

Zultys Cloud Services offers industry leading communication flexibility through powerful features like integrated voice, IM, email, presence, find me–follow me, call recording, contact center, voicemail and much more. Cloud Services Solution has received high honors in 2016 having been named Product of the Year by Customer Magazine and Internet Telephony Magazine.

About CTD:
Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) is a national value-added distributor providing complete telecommunication solutions for you and your business while offering 30 years of traditional telecommunications and networking experience. Along with our experience, our team supplies resellers with the latest in IP/PBX technology and cloud services. In addition we provide full service sales and technical support, product warehousing and fulfillment, and reseller oriented professional services. Our mission is to provide complete solutions drawn from world class manufacturers that give our resellers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. To learn more, visit

CTD Contact:
John Groce

About Zultys:
Zultys is the global provider of a true all-in-one unified communications solution. Innovative, reliable and scalable, Zultys IP phone systems integrate voice, video, data and mobility — in a single premise based appliance or in the cloud— to optimize collaboration for businesses of all sizes. Zultys delivers a powerful, feature-rich communications system that is easy-to-use, deploy and maintain. Zultys is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices around the world. To learn more, visit

Zultys Contact:

Lina Agranonik
408-328-0450 x 749

Telstrat and CTD Connect

Dallas, TX and Greenville, SC (March 15, 2016) — Computer Technology Distributing and TelStrat International, Ltd. announced today that they are partnering to provide complete solutions for call recording and workforce optimization for compliance recording and customer service contact centers as cloud services.

Engage WFO is a complete software solution for customer call recording and workforce optimization in contact centers of every size. It provides tools for service quality assurance, agent performance improvement and workforce management, as well as analytics and reporting. Engage WFO improves customer experience and satisfaction while containing costs and increasing productivity to drive business success.

“We are very pleased that CTD is providing our award-winning Engage WFO to contact center and compliance recording customers via cloud services.  We specialize in helping partners meet customers’ needs for compliance recording and customer contact center workforce optimization,” said TelStrat CEO Bob Carroll. “Engage WFO Release 5 provides advanced capabilities that underscore our responsiveness to users’ needs for efficiency advantages through continual innovation, now more cost-efficiently through cloud services.”

Engage WFO received the 2016 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award that recognizes vendors for advancing call center, CRM and teleservices industries. The award highlights products which enable users to meet and exceed expectations of customers. The 18th Annual Product of the Year Award winners are published the 2016 January/February issue of CUSTOMER magazine.

About TelStrat International Ltd

TelStrat develops comprehensive call recording and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions. Engage WFO features award-winning technology for capturing customer interaction, knowledge-mining call content, maximizing agent performance, and streamlining workforce management. Over two decades of experience, more than 3,300 customers and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide attest to TelStrat’s unwavering dedication to customer service and support. TelStrat offers Engage WFO exclusively through global reseller partners, namely Westcon.

About Computer Telephony Distributing

Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) is a value-added distributor of industry leading telecommunications products. CTD provides complete telecommunication solutions for you and your business while offering 30 years of Unified Communications experience. Along with our experience, our team supplies resellers with full service sales and technical support, product warehousing and fulfillment, and reseller oriented professional services.


TelStrat contacts:

 Tamer Akture
Channel Manager
Direct: 972-543-3525
Cell: 708-334-7208