Are you selling Toshiba telecom systems today?

While the recent announcement of Toshiba’s troubles has shocked the telecom industry, it should be noted that Toshiba’s woes have not been because of difficulties in their telecom division, but to significant losses in an ill-advised venture into the nuclear industry.

The Toshiba telecom product is a solid product and has a loyal following. Unfortunately, this recent turn of events make it necessary for many resellers that are heavily invested in installing and supporting Toshiba phone systems to look to protect their customer base and add a new manufacturer to their product mix.

At CTD, we represent several top manufacturers and can help you make decisions on what product will serve your customers’ best interests going forward. Because we also carry PoE switches and peripherals, IP paging and other products that support IP PBXs, we are a one-source solution for professionals who don’t have time to juggle multiple suppliers. Call us to see how we can work together and schedule a one-on-one meeting to look at your options. From a five phone digital solution to hosted IP to 30,000 line industrial strength systems, we can help. Make our solutions your competitive advantage.