IP Camera

The Importance of Estimating your PoE Budget

Cameras are everywhere now and if you don’t budget for enough power, your PoE switches will die. We see this everyday.

Installers will put small switches in place to power cameras in a area and do not check to see if the PoE switch has enough power. Guess what…PoE switches burn out from pulling too much power and kill the power supply.

I talked to a tech the other day that said the Netgear GS110TP switch was trash. He has had three go bad in two weeks. I asked how many cameras and he said most of the time four. The GS110TP is not PoE+ and has only 46W of power. He was burning up the switches.

I suggested the Netgear GS108PP Unmanaged with 123W of PoE+ power and it even costs a lot less than the GS110TP. Once installed…no more problems.

To buy a box of GS108PP, call Lisa at CTD at 866-533-3333 (Ext 309) or reach out via email at LJones@ctdconnect.com.