Zultys Phone System

Selecting the right vendors for your company’s technological needs is paramount for ensuring reliable communication both inside and outside your business.  To make your organization as efficient as possible, it’s vital to invest in a system that makes your business processes and telecommunication services as streamlined as possible.  The goal is to find a system that increases productivity, office efficiency and provides the tools necessary to excel your business to the next level!  Zultys phone systems offer these assets, as well as impressive scalability and excellent reliability.

Zultys has proven to be a rock solid business communications solution and their MX platform is a fantastic choice for those wanting the latest technology in IP Phone systems, On-premise systems or Cloud based systems.  Zultys MX merges all your voice, data, video, conference and mobile needs into an all in one unified package.

Hosted Systems 


The hosted solutions in the market are growing more and more popular for many organizations.  With a Zultys Hosted solution, they take full control of the configuration, management and future maintenance.  This way, you can focus on the job at hand.  Eliminating these tasks reduces overhead and can greatly improve office productivity.  Never worry again about upgrades, updates and having to schedule maintenance.  Zultys has you covered to deliver an excellent, worry-free experience for all your communication based needs.

On-Premise Systems

Zultys MX Systems


Zultys offers a robust selection of options for premise based IP phone systems.  This includes the MX250, MX-E and MX-SE.  All three models include a PSTN and SIP gateway for convenience.  These IP telephony solutions are fully featured, including Unified Communications, integrated Fax, Voice Mail, Contact Center, Presence, Instant Messaging, Zultys Mobile Communicator, integrated MXconference, audio conferencing and much more.

Another fantastic advantage of a Zultys system is that virtual and premise based platforms are identical in both operations and features.  Either can be implemented into your MXnetwork.  It has impressive scaling, which allow for 128 separate locations and can service up to 10,000 employees.

If you have a small business consisting of less than 50 employees, the MX-SE will be a perfect choice.  For medium sized organizations, the MX250 can support up to 250 users.  The base MX-E system accommodates up to 300 users, while the MX-E+ can service up to 1000 users for larger companies.  For major corporations of considerable size, the MX-E++ can fully support 2000 users.

Virtual Systems

Zultys virtual systems

MXvirtual is offered for those wanting a VMware ready virtual appliance.  These systems boast identical features as the Premise based hardware and can also be implemented as an effective redundancy option for any unexpected outages.  The Mxvirtual platform allows a single virtual machine to provide service for both small and large businesses.

It can support 1000’s of employees if needed and can be deployed into your own VMware infrastructure.  One of the largest advantages a virtual system provides is relieving IT departments/staff of having to deploy, support and maintain physical hardware.  Answer your calls at home, on the road and while traveling with Mxvirtual.  Zultys Mobile Communicator App provides users with a nice selection of options, including:  Office Directory, IM capability and Visual Voice Mail.   Other strengths of the Mxvirtual Zultys systems are simplicity, scalability, lower cost of ownership and reliable disaster recovery.