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About Us

The CTD Approach

We give dealers and manufacturers an advantage over their competition.


Because we specialize in the tedious but important details of customer service, including accessible technical support and efficient installation, our partners are better equipped to attract new business and retain happy, loyal customers. In other words, CTD works behind the scenes to make sure you shine.

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Business Meeting
We know that no two resellers have the same customer needs or challenges,


nor do products require the same technical support. As your partners in success, we work together to identify the custom combination of guidance and support tailored to your unique goals.

Our Products

CTD is your source for reliable, best-in-class telecommunications and networking solutions from reputable, global manufacturers. We stock a range of products including:

VoIP PBX Systems
Hosted Telephone Systems
Security Cameras
Video Recorders
SIP Phones
Conference Phones
Wireless Solutions
VoIP Peripherals & Collaboration
Telecommunications Software
We always provide our dealers with in-depth training and technical support for the products we sell, so that they, in turn, can offer the best possible experience for their customers.

For Manufacturers

We are honored to be a trusted value-added distributor of a wide selection of telecommunications and networking products. When we take on a new product or manufacturer, we commit to understanding the unique technical specifications and use cases the products present.

As a result of this in-depth knowledge, we can assist with your customer technical support efforts through our CTD TAC call center. For global manufacturers based outside the U.S., we offer domestic technical support on your behalf. Whether you’re a multinational company trying to break into the U.S. market or an up-and-coming stateside brand, we understand the importance of maintaining your brand and values and can adapt to your existing umbrella of customer support resources.

Installation Services

In addition to the training and customer service support we offer our dealers, we can also assist your customers with the installation of new telecommunications products and systems. Because our team is so familiar with the technical requirements for each of the products we distribute, we have a firm grasp on the best and most efficient ways to transition a client to a new product. Please let us know if you are interested in deploying our team onsite to your customer locations.

Customer Service

Our Story

Telecommunications Leader since 2004

Rooted in more than 30 years of traditional telecommunications and networking industry experience, Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) has served its reseller partners as a value-added distributor since the early 2000s. Our history and experience enable us to understand not only where technology is today, but also how it has changed. Over the years, we have developed an intuitive understanding of the ways new solutions work in the context of broader legacy systems. This big-picture perspective strengthens our sourcing, installation, and support conversations with resellers and gives them a competitive advantage with their customers.

Serving the US East Coast and Beyond

Since the beginning, CTD has proudly been headquartered in Greenville, S.C. Situated halfway between the business centers of Charlotte, N.C. and Atlanta, G.A., Greenville’s lower cost of living and vibrant dining and arts scenes have propelled its growth over the last decade. Several major companies such as Rockwell, Hitachi, General Electric, BMW, and Michelin have major facilities located in the area. Our Greenville office draws from this competitive pool of high-tech talent to staff our 24/7 technical support, sales engineering, and production services. CTD also has warehousing and fulfillment relationships in major markets throughout the country and Canada. As such, we can support resellers in developing regional supply and distribution chains in new markets.

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