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Read the latest from CTD and the telecommunications industry.

Have you experienced Dolby Voice?

Dolby has now developed Dolby Voice. I have experienced the sound on a Deltapath system using the Deltapath mobile app and a Dolby Conference Phone. I was skeptical and was poised to try and distinguish the difference. I was absolutely floored, by the leveling of the volume and the clarity and the muting of the...


It’s easy to sell when the customer wants what you’re selling

Something we all; know, it is easy to sell when the customer wants what you’re selling We all know that phone systems have many features and winning a bid by quoting based on the number of phones usually comes down to the low price and therefore the low profit system. Why do...


Allworx Announces Reach Update on Apple App Store

Allworx users have an update available on the App Store. According to the announcement: On June 15, 2018, a new version of Allworx Reach became available on the Apple App Store – it includes a new version...


How Does Your Company Service Its Phone System?

In recent years, the average company in the United States has been able to significantly upgrade the quality of their in-house IT personnel. Coincidentally, since the economic crises of 2008, increased productivity demands see IT departments being asked to do more with less than ever before. However, despite these parallel improvements, there comes a point...


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