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For Manufacturers

Technical Support


Drawing from decades of experience in the industry, we provide a level of expertise beyond that of other distributors. We know the products we sell inside-out and can distill this knowledge into clear and concise customer support.

For years, CTD’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) has provided technical support to our dealers and their customers for a seamless product experience. Recognizing the value we can provide to manufacturers, we now offer TAC access to manufacturers as well—regardless of how and where you sell your products.

When you choose CTD, we simply route your support inquiries directly to our talented technical team—saving you time, money, and hassle. When end-customers call your support line, our staff will represent your brand and quickly resolve any issues or questions about your product.

Why Outsource Your Technical Support
to CTD’s TAC?

  • Deep technical expertise provides efficient, targeted help for customers
  • Professional and friendly technical staff improves customer satisfaction 
  • Pay-as-you-go fee structure promotes internal efficiencies 
  • Domestic, East Coast call center supports your expansion to the U.S. market

Fee Structure

We bill for our support services in 20-minute increments. This model ensures our manufacturer partners only pay for the service they need, without having to maintain internal support staff or call center equipment.

Interested in learning more about our manufacturer technical support services?

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